Glenn Carter Music

I was born and raised in the suburbs of North London, England. With Pink Floyd and Deep Purple buzzing around my brain, my mother succumbed to buying me a guitar when I was aged nine. The
guitar was the only instrument I have ever really been drawn to, although I do regret not learning piano
as well at that age. This first guitar was the equivalent of a cheese grater with horrendously thick strings.
I played till my fingers bled which was a long and sometimes frustrating apprenticeship. Because of this
however, I understand exactly how students feel hitting that F chord for the first time.

Although I was surrounded by the Beatles in the sixties, I felt myself drawn to the more unusual,
interesting and sometimes fringe, eclectic bands of the era. Of note, were The Doors, Golden Earring ,
The Guess Who, Be Bop, Deluxe, T Rex, Steely Dan, Humble Pie and Three Dog Night. It`s an exhausting

In the seventies, I was strongly drawn to and heavily influenced by prominent guitar players: Jimi
Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Joe Walsh, Nils Lofgren, Carlos Santana and Dave Gilmour.

Throughout this magical discovery, my own musical journey was taking shape.
The calling to join my first band in the eighties put me anxiously, with a guitar around my neck, and in
front a microphone for the first time. My first band, “Lionheart” was a straight up rock n roll band,
where I cut my teeth on classic rock tunes, playing around the Bournemouth area in the south of